Organize the sparkly stuff too

Another tricky thing to organize are those sparkly magic wands.
You know the kind, every Tinkerbell costume comes with one. Well, you don't want them stuck on the top shelf of the closet, that's no fun, and probably bad luck too.
But if you leave them out on a dresser, then the cat will destroy them, just ask Kitty Pearl, sparkly wands are irresistible. So what's a Mom to do? If only there was a cool organizational trick for magic wands and other delicate toys...
This is a wall pocket vase. It works great for displaying things out of Pearl's reach, but not out of sight. Kids can still put away their toys with aid of a regular step stool. Perfect!
Ready to organize the New Year? Share your tips here. Let's see how many ideas we an collect this week.

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