Totally Tech Tuesdays comming here

Do you have a computer in your sewing room? With so many amazing quilting softwares, online tools, pattern downloads, tutorial videos and quilting blogs, it's hard to imagine how we ever sewed without posting a picture of our progress or checking for an enewsletter sale announcement. But who has time to search out the best sites, blogs and software? If your BQB doesn't send you a link, how will you know what works and what is wasting your stitching time? That is why Road Home Quilting is launching Totally Tech Tuesdays. Most Tuesday, this blog will feature the best of quilting on the web. Welcome! Start your machines.......

1 comment:

  1. I will look forward to Totally Tech Tuesday!

    Where are you taking your workshop with Jackie Robinson?
    I took a workshop with her years ago to make the BOM Harvest Song that Craftmart was doing.


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