Build a Better Quilting Blog with MckLinky

Have you tried MckLinky? MckLinky gives you blog tools, such as:
  • creating lists for your blog
  • linking to other blogs featuring your theme
  • free content you can use to fill in your blog
I first found MckLinky hosting a quilting blog hop. Just like the driving around type of shop hop, prizes were awarded for "visiting" quilting blogs!
Remember in November when we used MckLinky Q&A here to ask the blogesphree for Quilting Bee news? We posted quilting bee queries on on other websites, with no responses. But we did get replies to our MckLinky Q&A, because MckLinky enabled other quilting blogs to join our hunt, posing our query to their readers.
Similarly, I have seen several blogs that use the MckLinky praryer list to support their loved ones.
The MckLinky Blog is a blog about how to better build your blog. I wish I had known to visit here first before designing Road Home Quilting Blog. We would have had an easier start.
Visit MckLinky and browse around their other cool features. For example, you know all those FWD emails of cute stuff and stories you get from your BQB that you have kept in your in box for years because they are fun and you want to remember them, but they don't really fit any place? MckLinky even has a library of those things you can use for free. Enjoy!

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