$30 quilts

If you are like me, you've heard about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, but haven't yet taken time to look at the donated quilts. Make today the day you visit AAQI Sales (note: auction is different, but that is good too).
The quilts are lovely, and only $25-$45, most are $30. You can be inspired shopping all the beautiful pieces, and at that price, you won't even get in trouble for taking (another!) one home. Plus it is all for a special charity.
It appears that "art" in AAQI means "small wall hanging," hence the reasonable pricing. But don't assume these quilts are simple. Some are even beaded, or otherwise embellished.
While you are shopping and regrowing your quilting spirit, take a side trip in AAQI to see instructions for hanging quilts. Here are half-a-dozen alternatives to the classic quilt sleeve, all sew simple, and some "green" ideas too. This is our Totally Tech Tuesday tip of the week.
Now, back to the quilts. Here are a few of my favorites from AAQI. I've included their item numbers in case you like them too. Pumpkin-Cat above is #3544. Enjoy!

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