Useful Scraps

All quilters have scraps for some project they're doing or from projects already done. But where do you put them without cluttering your house and you don't want to throw them away? Well, Mom's friend, Deanne, found out what to do with them.

She put the scraps in a pillowcase (dose not matter what size) and sews the end to make a pillow. Then she takes the scrap filled pillows to a dog shelter and the pillow becomes a bed for the homeless dogs. Now the scraps don't clutter your house and you don't have to through them away. Thank you, Deanne.
sample dog beds, all sizes
Deanne is so clever, she sorts scraps for stuffing dog beds in her tub.
Deserves a "Best Use of Space" Award!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the idea! I have tons of scraps!


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