Best Classroom EVER!!!!!

Mom and I went on Etsy for an e-lab in a virtual auditorium on how to be a better blogger.
 First we clicked on a square to "take a seat" with our Etsy Shop avatar. Then we learned how to throw pencils, cupcakes, hearts, tomatoes, hedgehogs, paper airplanes, and bees at each other in the Etsy classroom. I think those thing were there to entertain people while waiting. Also there were these icons that did action on your avatar/seat, like spin, clap, and LOL. There was live chat among "seats" while there was a live video lesson.  Mom said it was just like a real auditorium classroom when she was in school.

If you want to be a blogger, or be a better blogger, I think you should check out Etsy Labs.

While you are there you can check out the thing we're going to sell next week at .

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