Vote for quilter's book

I'm sure you have read a quilt history article by Arizona quilter, historian, and writer,
Carolyn O'Bagy Davis. One of Carolyn's most popular pieces about Hopi quilters is featured on the Cranston Village -My Interests page. Carolyn's writing is even included in This Old Quilt.

Here is a picture of Carolyn with a Goldie Richmond quilt she rescued. More than quilts, Carolyn has rescued several quilters' personal histories from being lost in time. And thanks to Carolyn, we will get to read about all of them!

Carolyn's new book, Hopi Summer, has been nominated for the 2011 OneBookAZ award!
Vote for Carolyn's book at now through October 15.

Ruffled Pants

Yesterday, before I went to a party, Mom finished mending my pants. See, they had holes in the knee, so Mom cut them off and put light blue ruffles in with a small, cute flower at the side. I told Mom to not cut them off and make shorts. That's why she put ruffles on them, to keep them long.
This is what I mean.

See how cute this flower is. (This flower is a Yo-yo flower.)

Swap Ideas Day

What can I possibly share for National Swap Ideas Day?

How about my favorite tool:  spray basting. TA DA!
Basting quilt sandwiches is the only part of the quilt-making job I don't enjoy, even dread. Thanks to this stuff, I don't have to! I use it on mending, appliques, everything!

Here is my secret for keeping the whole house from getting sprayed sticky: Cover the bathtub with newspaper or towels, layout your pieces, spray in the tub. For large tops, hang them on the back yard fence and spray one half at a time. Easy!

Use a cold iron  or rolling pin to "press" little wrinkles from both sides of the spray basted project. Work from the center outwards, careful not to stretch your block. The weighted press saves a lot of time.
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