Touchdown Turkey

Touchdown Turkey signals GOAL as he captures the game ball.
Here are instructions for creating this sculptured trapunto wall-hanging. Dimensions are provided, but for now you will have to draw your own pattern pieces. We will draft an official pattern after the holidays.
If you don't have time to make your own Touchdown Turkey, there are a few finished pieces available in our Etsy shop.
Kitty Pearl supervises STEP 1: This pattern piece is a trapezoid, 9" high with bases 2" & 6". Create a large 5 petal Dresden Plate section. Press in any directions. I like to press out from the center. Why is that?
STEP 2: Cut batting to match feathers, with an extended rounded center. [This will be the base for Trapunto Turkey in Step 10.] Tuck batting into feather points.
STEP 3: Quilt feathers. Pearl suggested a meander stitch for feather centers and seams, and 1/4" outline stitch on top edge. Turn under edges of both outside feathers and stitch 1/4".
STEP 4: Draw a gourd shape 8" high for Turkey Body, 6" wide at largest point. Draw 2 wings 6" high and 2.5" wide. HINT: Draw on fusible batting, then apply batting shape to your turkey fabric, creating pattern and trapunto in one step. Cut close to batting/pattern, but do keep a sliver of fabric edge to cover batting when stitching.
Don't you love this brown hydrangea fabric for Turkey's feathers? From Blank Quilting.
STEP 5: Use fusible facing to attach Turkey's face and helmet. Beak is a 2cm equilateral triangle. Waddle is 1-1/2" long. Helmet is slightly larger then Turkey's head. HINT: Use your team's colors for helmet. See our Totally Tech Tuesday post for licensed team logo fabric source.
STEP 6: Outline lower edge of beak with satin stitch. [Top edge will be covered by button eyes.] Create a face mask for helmet with 2 lines of decorative stitch. Face mask stitching is sufficient stitching to secure waddle.
STEP 7: Create a trapunto football 10" wide. Use a fusible batting pattern as in Step 4, but this time add a 5/8" seam allowance.
STEP 8: Press under football seam allowance to "wrap" trapunto batting shape. Secure edges with outline quilting. HINT: Football has bias edges. Use a long stitch and sew slowly to keep football from curling.
STEP 9: Cut 2 Turkey feet and attach to football with fusible facing. Feet are centered 2-1/2" apart, and 1/2" down from top of football. Outline stitch feet similar to beak in Step 6. Tops of feet will be under Turkey body. HINT: Use a wider zigzag stitch and square stitching around toes if the tiny curves too small to stitch.
OPTIONAL: Add football details with white rick-rack. [More about this in next post.]
STEP 10: Layer feathers fan, football, and turkey shapes. Glue Baste.
STEP 11: Outline stitch Turkey with blanket stitch. Bottom of wings will be sewn directly to batting.
Trim exposed batting under wings. In this picture above, only the right wing has been trimmed.
HINT: Use a brown marker to color batting edge.
STEP 12: Sew two button eyes over beak.
STEP 13: Finish back of Touchdown Turkey with brown felt, cut to size and glued to batting on reverse. Leave feather points and top of hanging loop uncovered.
STEP 14: Sew 2-1/2" hanging loop behind eyes. Create hanger from twine, wire, or plastic hoop. HINT: Attaching the hanger behind the button "eyes" allows you to secure the hoop through all layers of fabric/batting.


  1. Great pattern for turkey day! I will try to get it done before then. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi MJ! What's your team? Hope your Touchdown Turkey brings you good luck :) --KP


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