Coffee Lollipops for our Twitter Friends

Mom found this Coffee-on-a-Stick recipe at Sprinkle Bakes, and she wanted to try it out.  But Mom realized she couldn't eat the whole batch of Coffee Lollipops all by herself. So some of Kitty Pearl's Twitter friends, @SewAmanda@creationsforems, @fiberbabble, and @Shapernes, said they were brave enough to help Mom try Coffee Lollipops. We sent then each coffee lollipops in the mail, and they are going to open them together on Saturday Night after the new Doctor Who. Doesn't that sound fun?
First we didn't have any lollipop sticks for the pops. We finally found some at WalMart.
Luckily, we already had a candy thermometer from my science project for making candy.
These are the ingredients Mom used for the Coffee Lollipops.
Like Mom always says, if you only have a couple ingredients, they better be good ones.  

These are the lollipops after they have cooled and are happy in their wrapping.
That's not only the good thing. One of our Twitter friends also gets a quilty prize in their package!
Can't wait to see who gets it XD

PS:  Kitty Pearl says you can be her Twitter friend too, Follow @RoadHomeQuiltn


  1. I am so excited to try them. My neighbor is coming over to share:) We will have to do this again:)

  2. The coffee pops were great! I was away on that Saturday but had them when I it Homs. Thanks


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