Garden surprise

Watering the garden at sunrise. Look at the surprise I found!

2 zucchini blossoms! Grandma would be so proud.

The crepe mertyel and the poor masquerade rose might be totally sunburned, but at least the effort of building a tent for the veggies and the 3x/day watering has saved the zuccis.

So do you have any good zucchini recipes?


  1. You I did squash and they all got destroyed by nasty squash bugs! So no problems for your zucchini,good for you! Any tips??!

  2. Oh Sara, that is too bad the squash bugs found your garden. Sure hope they don't come here!

  3. I LOVE zucchini bread! You have to add about a cup of sugar, but it still counts as eating vegetables as far as I'm concered! I know of an awesome apron pattern that would be prfect for picking zuccini! ;)


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