Quilting in the garage; a story of storage

To begin with....I did not collect all these scraps myself. Guild compiled them for stuffing dog beds. My job was to create storage. If you need stuffing, here it is:
This Rubbermaid landscaping bin is 4' deep. Yes, it is full of scraps too small to keep! I chose this for scrap storage because it has wheels and easily moves in and out of the house, anywhere I am working, or just around the garage for cleaning.

Now, remember our series, Organizing the New Year? Here are some updates on the wall pocket idea. Found this ME garden ornament in a closeout sale. At last, the perfect home for my long rulers!!! These are the 2" wide rulers that get lost in the ruler rack. And the beautiful ME art is SEW Inspirational in my tiny studio corner.

This small shoe hanger only has 6 pockets. Who has only 3 pairs of shoes? But it is the perfect hanging caddy for my tiny rulers, rotaries, and gloves. Can you see my favorite Easy Dresden Ruler on top? You probably already have one of these that you can re-purpose in your sewing room, right?

But wait, I have more scrap storage ideas for the garage. This one is my favorite.
My Grandmother gave me her first refrigerator. And it still works! But I only use it at Thanksgiving, to thaw the turkey and keep desserts for company. Someday it will keep drinks for me in a new sewing studio. In the mean time, it has to live in the garage, so....
Old fridge is a wonderful home for batting. The shelves are deep so you can store batting rolls end out. Much easier to tell which batting is which this way. Batting even fits in the tiny center ice box.
Crisper drawer stores felt sheets; flat and dust free. Grandma would be proud of my thriftyness.

I know these tricks might not fit your storage needs exactly, but I hope I gave you ideas for some handy storage features to look for. Remember how creative you are! If you can make a quilt, you can create super original storage too. 


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