Win Bramcost Apron Book Twitter Contest

Guess what - We are so lucky!! Thanks to all your support in voting for our apron project,  Bramcost Publications has sent us an extra Apron Book to share with you!!!
But how? What would be a really fun way to pick a winner to send this NEW book to, full of exciting vintage apron patterns??

How about a Twitter Trivia Contest? You can follow us on Twitter @RoadHomeQuiltn. You do not need a fancy iphone, you can do Twitter from your computer or with regular old text messaging. So everyone has a chance to win!
And you know how Mom loves quotes. She is always looking for new quotes, and just generally quoting stuff all the time. I thought, why not make use of this "talent." This is where the trivia part comes in.

RULES:  Mom is going to Tweet a quote, and the first reply received that correctly names the quoted, wins How to Make Aprons:  Vintage Patterns for Making Home, Garden, Utility & Craft Aprons

Easy, right?

Mom might quote a movie or TV show she is watching, or a song that Alex is listening to, or a book I am reading (of course cats can read). So you only have an advantage if you happen to watch Mom's favorite shows, or if you sing along with Alex. I'm sure you'll recognize my favorite stories when you hear them.

Remember to Tweet your answer with the name of the character or artist making the quote, not the title/source of the quote.

Has there ever been a contest like this before?  How many quotes will Mom have to Tweet before there is a winner? Will you be the winning RHQ Twitter friend? Stay tuned....

PS:  While you are Tweeting, please say hi to @Bramcost and thank our book prize sponsor too :)

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