Advent Calendars of another holiday

My Twitter friend @fishinstitchin asked to see our Halloween advent calendars. I thought you would like to see them too. I love Halloween, such a whimsical holiday, and Advent Calendars just seem to make the whimsy even more fun.
To me, Advent Calendars help set the pace for the holidays. You'd think they would add to the rush and bustle of hectic holidays. Just another thing you have to do, right? Actually, Advents help you take a break from hectic. It is really nice to just spend a moment each day in a tiny celebration with a little treat, and the more trifling the better! Every holiday could use an Advent calendar :)
This Halloween Advent Calendar is from Marshall's. It was only $14, much cheaper than making one. Silkscreened panel with black/orange baby plaid border and orange ric-rac framing. Cute!

Pardon the giant spooky cat frame. Blogger keeps turning my long pictures sideways. The framing fools it into thinking the picture is square. I learned that after Maryanne Fons was posted sideways for months in my Valor at Spring Market post. [Maryanne is so sweet, I'm sure she didn't mind much :) ]

Back to this fun Advent: The pockets are 3" square, with the calendar date embroidered on prairie point flaps.

Orange running stitch of pearl cotton differentiates the weeks. Note there is no 31st on this Advent. The weeks are an even 6 days long so the days all fit in a nice square block. I guess 10/31 is treat enough for itself, having a 31st pocket would be redundant.

This Halloween Advent Calendar was from Avon (several years ago, sorry). It is felt! The black felt is all one piece, sculpture cut. [Don't worry, I will put a bigger picture at the end of this post, but it will be sideways] Look how they reverse cut the fence to show it in front of the house. Super!
This calendar has 31 days, no pockets. And for a very special reason. There is a plastic pumpkin "marker" that you move from day to day by velcro. Well, this little pumpkin lights up! We reserve flipping the switch on back for the 31st.

The moon is yellow-orange felt, and the jack-o-lantern is felt applique in two colors. Note how the center week has 6 "tombstones," so 31 days can be fit in.

Happy Fall Y'all  Thanks for sharing our holiday count-down!
Thanks @fishinstitchin for this fun post idea :)


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