Fave 5 Photos of the week

Twitter friend @prairiesunrise made this super idea, where you post your 5 favorite photos of the week every Friday. You know Mom, always looking for extra holidays. I think this is a great way to celebrate the little accomplishments of the week!
Here I help with new pattern photo shoot. Mom said, "Pearl, you are a big help."
[PS: You can preorder Jackie O'Lantern's Bag Pattern by sending a message to

As soon as they return from printers, I will send you a coupon code for Etsy order :) ]
 Mom has had a rather bad month. After scorpions, termites, AC motor replacementfor the house and new clutch in the car, I heard Mom talking to the girl in the pumpkin. I think she said, "Wish I lived in there too."
Mom's big box of batiks - Sew Pretty! Another new pattern already underway?
A path of hexies :)
Sunrise, and that roadrunner is already trying to get back in my yard. Welcome, Neighbor!


  1. I want to live in the pumpkin too! Thanks for linking up. It sure is a great way to celebrate the week. :)

  2. I like the shot of the roadrunner. Cool markings on the cat.


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