Super Apron Day with Wandering Stars on Etsy

The nice girls of The Wandering Stars on Etsy won the vintage apron book we gave away.
How to Make Aprons -- Vintage Patterns for Making Home, Garden, Utility and Craft Aprons
Picture of the book we gave away.

Lizze and her girls made an apron party day. They used family heirloom fabric and buttons to make the Picker's Apron in the Bramcost Publications book. Then they went blackberry picking and even baked a yummy looking cobbler too. Please visit Wandering Stars blog so you can share in their adventures.
 Mom and I just wanted to say thank you "Wandering Stars" for blogging about us! Wandering Stars even showed how helpful the "Picker's Apron" is when your picking berries, and how great berries are in cobblers.

Picture of "Pickers' Apron".

If you check out that blog, you can see what fabric and buttons she used to create the "Pickers' Apron", and how good that cobbler looks. ;)


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