Etsy Christmas Presents for Me

For Christmas, Mom had bought me four wonderful things from Etsy. They are all fabulous!! I got a necklace, fancy chap stick, a dichroic glass hair tie, and a kitty clock figurine!

Here is the hair tie. It's got a blue glass decoration on it!
From Hayden Brook Studios
Blue is my favorite.

I've never heard of candy apple flavor. Tastes really good.
(Mom got herself a lotion bar there too)

Here's the necklace. It's made from real sea glass, in a silver heart locket. And it is also blue.
Julia even added a special note for me about how beach glass is made. Mom says personalization like that is what makes Etsy shopping so special.

Isn't that cat clock cute?!?! And it fits in my dollhouse!
I've always wanted a cat clock.

Thank you Mom for the presents! Thank you Hayden Brook Studios for the hair tie! Thank you Beach Glass Memories for the necklace! Thank you Mona for the kitty clock figure! Thank you Thistle Delight Soapworks for the chap stick! Thank you all for all of the cool things you make!

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  1. You are so cool~! thank you for the blog mention. But more than that, your mom must be feeling SO GOOD that you liked your gifts that much. I dread shopping for some of the younger folks in my family because appreciation is so rare these days. With your enthusiasm, people are going to love to spoil you whenever they can, because you are one who won't rot with a good bit of spoiling.... instead it seems more like fertilizer to your spirit and creativity~! I'm proud of you and I've never even met you~!
    Laurie Hayden at


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