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Our blog is getting more adventurous. We are going out into the wide world, visiting all the cool quilty and crafty blogs out there, and you can come too! Here is the plan.

I am declaring this New Year 2012, Year of the Linky!
We have met so many super FB and Twitter friends with amazing blogs, not to mention all of our new Pinterest friends too! We would love to feature everyone on Totally Tech Tuesdays. But how?

We are going to follow all the cool Linky parties!!! Each week we will post here a Linky Calendar of the coolest most exciting Linkys we are planning of visiting. By following our Linky posts, just think how many new blogs we will discover together by the end of the year :)

What is a Linky? Well, a blogger posts a cool query or theme, including a Linky tool that allows you to add your comment or post link on the same topic, in the same place. So everyone who visits can get the whole scoop in one place. Often there are prizes involved!!!

If you know of a super Linky coming up, let us know. We want to add your Linky to our Calendar too. Some Linkys are one-time events, some repeat weekly. Here is the latest Linky news to get us all started:

Robin at T-Shirt Diaries is bring out the first annual.....soon:
Someday Crafts hosts a Thursday Linky of blogs just giving away stuff!

SewCalGal also hosts a Linky that is a giveaway directory. But it is a Tab/Page instead of a badge. It's called, Current List of Giveaways & Contests. [no pic, sorry]

Sharon at A Prairie Sunrise has a fun Friday Linky with a new surprise theme each week:

Tasha at Creation Corner has an open Friday Linky. Any creation welcome, even recipes!

Megan (she is so cool!) at Brassy Apple also has an open creative Linky for sewing/craft:

Aquariann and her dragon host Treasury Tuesday, a Linky of Etsy Treasury.

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