June Cleaver would be proud

At Mom's quilt club her friend, Barbara, told her she was going to give her pearl necklace to her daughter. When Barbara got the pearls out, they were dried out and cracked.

Mom went right home and got out her pearls. They were OK, but she hadn't worn them in a long time. She wants to give me her pearls some day. How will she keep them nice?
To keep your pearls from going dry they must be worn from time to time. Especial when you want to keep them as an heirloom. Well, how are you going to remember to wear them when they're usually for fancy parties? How about wearing them when you do something regular, such as vacuuming, to remind you to wear them?

That's what Mom thought she would do. She's not the only one who does, either. June Cleaver wears her pearls while she vacuums too.

Sadly, the pearl necklace's latch was so hard to take on and off, Mom was afraid she would break the necklace. Then she found these at a craft fair:
Magnetic clasps!
Mom sewed the new magnetic clasp to the ends of the old safety latch. New magnetic latch can be removed easily when we need to use safety latch again..

Pretty, huh?

See Pin Pillow for more of Mom's jewelry organizing ideas.


  1. Why don't you wear them to your next party, or guild meeting or whatever. Jewelry is meant to be worn, not stashed away - they are lovely! And would go with anything especially spring colors.

  2. @landscapelady-Lol. I'll tell her you said that. Thanks for reading.

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