Scherenschnitte Quilt and more vintage treasures

Quilty Scherenschnitte! My neighbor Mary found this on one of our vintage treasure hunts. I believe it must be stamped, don't you? Anyway, the cutout is set over blue paper, nicely framed, and now hanging in my studio/hallway/corner.
Did you ever see a tied cathedral window? This amazing cheddar has lazy daisy center ties with yarn knot centers. Green backing, of course.

More Cheddar! 1920s wouldn't you say? I love the quilting in this one, the star centers and vine border. And you know how I love hexagons. Couldn't afford to bring this home, so I'll have to try and make one :)
This is a treadle turned into a two tier table. Sew Creative! Apologies for Blogger doing it's hateful thing of turning pics sideways.
My all time fave score - $10 Lefton set!  But the "cup" doesn't match the snack plate. I think this is a sugar bowl missing lid. This handle and rim match Lefton sugar bowls, except there should be two handles, hmm.... What do you think?
Chatelaine! Not old, but great silk ribbon work. Plus, I always wanted one.
Sold as a Christmas Quilt. Flannel.  I'm fascinated with this log cabin tulip block.What would you call it?
Hexagon handkerchief, a gift from Grandma's yard sailing summer in Utah. Funny, the stain doesn't show up in real life, only on film. Polarizer magic?
Enough said. Wood heart buttons with jute hanging loops. Another gift from Grandma.
On more treasure from Grandma and Utah summer yard sales. Panel hot pad would make such a lovely applique pattern, if you have the time. Wait until you see the backing fabric:
Thank you, Mary, for teaching me about the world of vintage treasures :)

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