Mom's Day Time Out

Mother's Day is fast approaching. So many are posting about getting away for spa treatment or otherwise hoping to celebrate the holiday with some private time.

Reminds me of a book I read when we first started blogging. Back then I was struggling with how to fit home-business life and creative time into a housework schedule. This passage on Tiara Time made me laugh. Check it out, I bet you'll like it too.

So what have I learned about creating time for working from home? LOL Not much - you?
I just try to keep moving:

  • get up early
  • wear my running shoes
  • accomplish at least one thing each daily for
    • house cleaning and repairs
    • my family
    • the garden
    • business and bills,
    • and last but not least...Go Quilt Girl!
If you've discovered a secret for working from home, or finding more tiara time, please share here!

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