Build Your Best Log Cabin ebook review

I learned something about log cabin history today. You've heard the red center square represents the hearth of the home, right? What does a yellow center mean on a Log Cabin block? It's the light in the window!

This history lesson is from Fons & Porter FREE ebook, Build Your Best Log Cabin, which has 4 Log Cabin projects, and more. Here is an alphabetical index I made of all the cool quilty things you"ll find in Build Your Best Log Cabin:

  • Binding with Piping tutorial pg. 22
  • Classic Setting Options pg. 4, 5, 15, 18
  • Liz's Lumpless Binding tutorial pg. 23-24
  • Lori Christianson- On the Dark Side pg. 16-17
  • Marti Michell- Linked Chevrons pg. 19-21
  • Ricki Tims-Bears in Bertie's Log Cabin pg. 6-8
  • Sara Miller's Historic Log Cabin Quilts pg. 2, 3, 4, 14, 18
  • Shon McMain- Woven Log Cabin pg. 10-13
  • Traditional Log Cabin Conversion Chart pg. 4
  • Trapunto Bobbin Work tutorial pg. 9
Build Your Best Log Cabin includes 8 classic Log Cabin settings, 4 additional designer settings, and 3 bonus tutorials.  Traditional settings include "Dirty Windows," "Chevron Log Cabin," and a few others I never heard of before! My favorite feature is the Conversion Chart (pg. 4), a cutting guide for Traditional Log Cabin in five sizes from a tiny 4-1/2" block thru 13-1/2".

As usual, Fons & Porter have done an excellent job covering quilt heritage with modern applications of the same same block, making it all sensible as possible, with plenty of fun options!

We're going to make Marti Mitchell's amazing Linked Chevron log cabin here, our first project of the new year, so stay tuned...
This project could work in lots of fabric themes. What do you think? 30's, civil war, valor, oh- Christmas colors! Help me decide, --Mom

PS: To get pictures of all these unique historic quilts and projects, you'll need to download your own quilty ebook copy of Fons & Porter's Build Your Best Log Cabin. Happy Quilting!

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