Have to share how amazing this turned out:
Duck Success!
First time I've ever seen duck in our local grocery. Decided it would be the ideal treat for our January company. Then, of course, I panicked over what to do next.

Thanks Shannon @sewyourownway, for Twitter help on duck cooking. I want to try your BILs recipe for crock pot duck, but this duck wouldn't fit in my crock pot. Next time!!!
So, I used Brass Pro Shops recipe for Quick Easy Duck in a Bag that I found on Pinterest. Couldn't have been easier or yummier. (Scroll down for 2nd recipe on Keith Sutton's Duck Recipes page. I know, it's a super short 7 ingredient recipe, sorry for all the work in hunting it up.  Pinterest only works as long as we all give credit where due, right? That's my Mom rant for the day :)

In this recipe, I substituted what I had on hand: dried cherries for raisins and blackberry jelly for currant. And -oops!- I used a whole stick of butter. I put half the onions and cherries in cavity with a little basting broth, poured the rest over top of duck. Those are cherries and blackberries you see on top.
Also, Maui Information Guide (who knew that adventure websites are such a great source for recipes?) has a great photo-step-by-step guide for dressing duck.
In addition to these two recipes, Pinterest gave me a dozen ideas for leftover duck as well. But there aren't any - leftovers, I mean. You are heartily welcome to visit our recipe board and check them out too;  "Recipes I'm Going to Try." Proud to say, we really do try them! Well, mostly cookies so far. And that Prickly Pear jam, remember?

I only wish Blogspot featured smell-o-vision. Roasting duck on a rainy day was heavenly use of our little kitchen. Wish you were here! Looking forward to more kitchen adventures - now back to quilting.

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