Happy Depression

Used my Riley Blake SUMMER SONG stash to cheer up these "Depression" blocks. First step in new Quilt It! Challenge, making three 12" blocks for machine quilting study.

Started by matching prints with plains (instead of lights and darks) and cutting 4" strips into 4"square sets.  Then I marked a diagonal center line and stitched 1/4" on both sides of the lines.
Cutting on the marked line between stitches makes 2 half-square-triangles that are a little too big. The goal is 3-1/2"squares. No problem squaring these to the right size.

For Depression Block, I started layout with the corners squares and worked my way in . Decided I would work in 4 patches instead of by rows, but you could do either for this block.
In joining 2 patches, I noticed this pattern: there are 3 types of sets. I look for sets like this when making multiple blocks in assembly line fashion. If you have an odd set, you know you've boo-booed right away, hopefully before it gets too complicated to fix.

Sometimes it helps to try out arrangements in the camera as opposed to the cutting table. It gives you a uniform perspective. Plus you have a reference if you get carried away piecing and forget where you are. That's how I decided on yellow center square here. Was I wrong?
Ta-Da: 12" Depression block

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  1. Yeah, you are all set to start quilting! Have you given your designs any thought? I have January's almost done. Still thinking about how to do the border.


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