St. Valentine Presents for Alex

Thursday was St. Valentine's Day. That day was also the day of my birthday! Thanks everyone who sent birthday wishes, you made my day extra special:)

My mom got me awesome presents that I love and will use all the time. The first present Mom made for me were arm warmers! She crocheted them herself and even did  extra cross-stitch with some fancy blue ribbon.

Even Pearl likes them!
That's not all that Mom had for me! She got me a guitar pick, but not just any guitar pick. It's a copper guitar pick hand made and engraved from Beadsoul. Check the crafts that are made on Beadsouls' Etsy page!
"XIV Rocks" stands for my Golden Birthday; 14 on the 14th. Can't wait to use this on my guitar!

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  1. Many thanks for your kind words and for sharing my shop, Alex! I am glad you had a nice birthday :)


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