Ta-Da! Crochet Birthday

I got up early to finish Alex's new crochet arm warmers in time for her birthday. I knew this sparkly blue ribbon would be hard to work with, but I also knew she would LUV IT!

I didn't realize that Alex's birthday would also be the day of a 1970s history assignment at school.
Kids were asked to dress in '70's style, so her new crochet arm warmers turned out even more ideal for the day! Here is Alex in all the '70's finery we could locate. 
Happy Birthday, Baby:)
Thanks everyone who encouraged me in learning to crochet. I had tons of fun! What should I crochet next?....

1 comment:

  1. Awesome job. I am in awe of your skill. I have tried to crochet over the years but always go back to knitting. Maybe this year is the year to really have a good go!
    I am sure Alex loved them and really appreciated the effort you put in to finish them.
    Happy Birthday Alex, hope your day was brilliant.


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