5 bobbin block

3rd adventure in Quilt It! Challenge. I am learning sew much, thanks to Sew Excited Quilts who invented this super quilty challenge:)
This design is from Quilting Makes the Quilt by Lee Cleland.

I started by stitching a curvy X in the center of my Depression Block.

Then worked from the inside out, creating V shaped paths and filling them in with nested loops, L-loops, tulips, and tiny circles. Same stitching elements in a different scale for the border.
Ha-You can see all the bobbin colors it took here on the back.

I like this asymmetrical nature of this type of design. Much easier than it looks! When choosing your fill-in element, be prepared to adapt the shape for concave and convex corners, then Go Quilt!

There is still plenty I need to learn. Getting better at adjusting speed and tension during free-motion quilting, a little more accurate, and lot more fearless - HA!

But what to you do about these bulky thread pile-ups at the end of line places where your needle rests to change directions? See what I mean?
Not yet halfway in Quilt It! Challenge, plenty of time for you to Grab a Badge and join in!

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  1. I really like the assymetry of this, too! Thank you for sharing the process!


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