Grand Central Train Quilting

Considering a Commemorative Quilt for Grand Central Station's 100th Birthday? This Totally Tech Tuesday post is a review of online sources to help those of us far from NYC in seeking inspiration.

To begin with, the City Quilter (NYC LQS) is hosting a commemorative quilting contest:  
Grand Central Terminal Centennial Quilt Challenge call for entries.

Next, this bibliography (webliography?) collects blogs and iconic artist sources. No Wikipedia, Shutterstock or obvious tourist and newspaper sites. Here be the exceptional:
  • Robbie Rosenfeld photos of Ellen Driscoll Cosmic Murals Other constellation murals (not the Main Terminal ceiling) with lots of quilting possibilities! See what I mean?
  • NYC Subway News - GCT Page Learn what's current in the station and on the rails. More news than pictures.
  • Matt Maldre - spudart 9 long exposure photos show why it's GRAND Central. Plus a nice artist's story :)
  • I Love My Architect blog Jackpot! Architectural elevation and floor plan, photos both historic and contemporary. Good concise history with timeline.  Finally, someone explains why it's referred to as both "Grand Central Station" and "Grand Central Terminal."
  • Flashmob Moncler Grenoble video and stills. Because a train story needs a flash mob.
  • International Center of Photography A different GCS history with some people centered photos. Artistic themes through time more than architecture. Just stuff to think about.
  • Vintage Railroad Postcards. Proof there really is a blog for every theme. 11 vintage postcards of GCS, mostly unpeopled interiors.

Are you interested in other prominent historic train station? Recommend starting here: 
Ted Landphair's Ode to America's Transportation Temples
And please visit the RHQ New Commemoratives Page for more Commemorative Quilting News.
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