Full Sarah's Star


 I think you can see the feather improvement as I worked through Sarah's Star points in this second set of Quilt It! Challenge blocks.
Harriet Hargrave's book says I was drawing my feathers backwards! She was so right - I was making petal/loops from the top instead of the bottom.

Still wanting more feather practice, I tried a border of single stitched feathers to finish this first Sarah's Star. Love how it looks with the freehand heart corners, but think the traditional double-stitched feathers work best for me. Still not completely happy with feathers. I'll welcome any advice you care to post - please!

What I liked best on this block are the 3 line shadows. It's hard to tell from the pic, but I think I made them closer than Jackie's. Once I got consistent in when/how to turn corners, this became a super fun motif. I'll sue this again for sure.


  1. Sarah's Star looked spectacular! And that single feather border really complements the star quilting. Well done.

  2. Yeah! you found a rhythm! The only way I know to improve is to practice. Looking good!


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