Aussie Tea Party

Our quilty friend Mhairi in Australia sent us everything for a down-under tea party.

Australian Afternoon Tea (my favorite) and vegemite! Plus natural history postcards and stamps for Alex - wow!

There was quilty stuff too: Australian Homespun Magazine! Plus my first super-giant print adventure, thanks to Mhairi's gift card share.

Oh Deer! MoMo for Moda
Hmm....what should I make with this beautiful deco 22" repeat?

What a super surprise to find a party packaged in the mail box!
Would you believe, we have never tried vegemite before. Here is Alex, being brave and going first.
 Vegemite with crackers, as Mhairi instructed.  Alex is right, "tastes like soy sauce butter." I like it!

Mhairi also told me about Barossa vineyards. Thanks, Mhairi! I found this import at a local shop. Not too expensive triple blend, ideal with friends or a book, for our warm Summertime evenings. 

Of course, while we are starting Summer here, Mhairi is finishing Fall in Australia. Bet she has some fun wool applique right now. We send you Summertime sunshine and our warm wishes, Mhairi!
a Barossa Valley Vineyard
 Thanks for sharing your homeland with us, Mhairi :)


  1. That's a really nice package there, from a sweet friend.

  2. So glad that you enjoyed it. I hope that the wine is as good as I have said it will be.
    It is really cold here at the moment so I hope that your summer isn't too hot.
    Love the description of the taste of vegemite, enjoy!
    HUGS from South Australia.


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