Prickly Pear Redux

It's prickly pear time again!
10 gallons prickly pears = 4 dozen jelly (1/2 pints)
Sure/Certain jelling my Blooming 9-Patch!
Grandma was right, there is no substitute for boiling and stirring until you see "sheeting."
If you've been following our prickly pear adventures since last year - THANK YOU for reading!  And you'll appreciate how ironic it is that this year the jam wouldn't set.
But after 3 days of canning and re-canning
(my house smells like so yummy),
here is my new secret recipe for perfect prickly pear jam:
Work in small batches of 5 cups juice and 6 cups sugar,
with one box pectin.
don't fall for any of that "cook for one minute" instruction.
Grandma would always giggle hearing the seals "pop."  So do I:)
There are plenty of prickly pears left "on the vine."
What should we make next?

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, beautiful. I admire your persistance. Did you find it easier to peel them this year?


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