Quilt As Desired

Quilt as Desired
Quilt as desired
This brand new day,
A blank potential dream.
How will you fill your present?
Stitch a silver lining
On the pattern of your days.
Ombre dawn to dusk
Bind with bedtime prayers.
No matter how simple,
four patches of hope.
Cotton plans and promises,
border with joy.
Honest patches
Sing Thanksgiving.
Send the warmth of home
To landscapes forever far.
Quilt as desired,
I know what I'll wish.
Always a stitch closer,
To seeing you again.
Happy Poetry Day:) ---Kitty Pearl


  1. That's a lovely poem! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ah, that's lovely. Thanks for the day brightener.

  3. This is lovely. And I really liked your Coffee Day designs in the last post too!


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