Ironing Aide

LUV this June Taylor Ironing Board Cover. Pressing straight saves me so much time in squaring up blocks! This was totally worth the reasonable investment.
However, my extra wide Target "surfboard" doesn't allow enough drop to securely tighten the cover and it gaps like this:  aarrgg!

Or it did! Until I found these giant rubber bands at the grocery store:

These are designed for securing trash can liners, but they were easy to repurpose for Quiltland with ye ol' foolproof safety pins:
Step 1
Step 2: TaDone!


  1. Do you think the "squaring" will get off with repeated pressing and ironing? I love the idea of the garbage rubber bands. I will have to get me some.

    1. Hi Jackie - I hope the new bands will keep cover tight enough so there won't be that slippage problem. So far so good :)


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