Our friend Janet Hansen taught Alex her great stitchery skills.
I especially look forward to this time of year
with back-to-school, and coming of the Autumn boutique season.
Always an extra joy to see Janet and her husband Doug at craft shows.
Each season, Janet shared fun new designs,
and news of her travels visiting family throughout the year.
I think Janet would be proud of Alex's latest work.
This notebook cover is for a special kindergarten friend.
Alex doesn't mind changing thread often to get lots of colors in her stitchery.
Alex stitched Hello Kitty from one of her old coloring books.
Then I quilted the gingham setting with flannel backing
to keep the notebook from slipping out.
I have no doubt....
Someday, Alex will teach someone stitchery too.
And she will tell them how she learned from Janet.

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