Voting matters

I really do have a Liberty Tiara I wear on Election Days. What, you thought I was kidding?
Almost 100 years since we first received voting privileges in this country. Cause to celebrate!
Plus I can't wait to see all the Commemorative Quilts this centennial will inspire!!

Speaking of Commemorative Quilting (see what I did there), our table of coming commemorative events is out of date. Apologies! Another casualty of my self reflection time out. But I'm committed to catching up, if you'll help me?

What anniversaries interest you? Will you be quilting about them? I hope so. Commemoratives add an extra element of expression to our art, and keep alive the oldest traditions of our craft. Please share your news here or on Commemorative Quilting Facebook Page. Promise I will compile responses (and add my best Librarian research) in time for planning the New Year's UFOs :)

Here is Pearl with a sneak peek of my coming Commemorative Quilt:  Flora of our State

I'm waiting on budget considerations to resolve themselves before investing in the ideal border fabric (you know how that goes), then I'll be able to show you the whole finished flimsy. And you can advise me how to quilt it!
pressing strips for Saguaro Jelly
Thanks for your help:) Thanks for reading:)

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