Three Bears in the Little Wood

One bear equals a lonely bear. Many bears equals a party. Mom has created a party of bears. Afters seeing Tracy's bear, our friends and neighbors had asked for one themselves. She has made seven bears so far, all of them cute and fluffy! Mom made one for me too:)

 Here are my friends' bears and my own bear having a nice sit. My bear likes to hang out with friends.

My bear is peaceful!

Love should always be with you.
So far all the bears are having a good time in our house. My friends, the "quilt models," will pick up their bears tomorrow.


  1. So cute, almost makes me want to make one, but then I remember I make them, many of them, a long time ago. I'll let you make them. :)

  2. @ Jackie: We can always share the workload. ;)


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