Misfits Upcycle Tree Skirt

Turns out this lovely snowy scene of Christmasy green fabric is actually a very blue sprucy color.
Nothing matches it. What to do? It can't live forever as pride-of-place in the holiday fabrics stash, right? Finally, I arrived at a Whole Cloth project so that this treasured Misfit could find usefulness.

It's a Tree Skirt:)
Turns out that sometimes the best matching color is metallic.

I used silver thread with the embroidery needle and darning foot in a slow large meander stitch for quilting, and in a decorative stitch wave for the hems and for attaching silver rick rack ties.

For the backing, I used an old flannel blanket! Blanket is ideal batting weight and does double duty as a soft backing fabric that gives a nice drape to the skirt, without the expense of fashion fabrics.
Hope you have fun with this upcycle holiday project. Has it given you ideas?
By the way, do you keep a separate stash for holiday fabrics? Or a fabric stash for each holiday??
And I'd especially like to know, how have you found usefulness for your beautiful Misfit fabrics? You know, the thing that's not quite the right color or scale, but too lovely to resist, or maybe you were gifted a yard, and then....do tell!


  1. This one gorgeous piece of fabric, but I know exactly what you mean, it wouldn't go with any holiday greens. A tree skirt is a great idea! I searched my blog for "stash dogs" and had to laugh at how much time I spend rescuing "oddball" fabrics, often successfully. And that goes for my last few purple projects, as well.

    The only holidays I have fabric for are Autumn and Christmas, and each get their own locker in my cabinet. I'm working to use them up, as evidenced by the three Christmas quilts I made this fall.

  2. Stash Dogs! Yes, that's the term I'm looking for:) Thx!! Fall is my favorite and largest stash too. Don't think I'll ever get it used up, but I'll sure try ;) ;)


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