WorkFlowy in Quiltland

Everyone is home in bed where they belong, at last. Grandpa has returned from another hospital stay. Alex is back from her school trip. Later today we will move furniture to make room for Grandpa's new walker. I love furniture shopping, and antiques, and a cozy home, can imagine, we have way too much furniture. But for right now, I'm very glad to be having coffee and blogging with you. Seems every New Year starts with a little step backwards. Maybe now we can get back to business as usual.

Have you heard me rave about WorkFlowy? For this Totally Tech Tuesday, I'd like to share my favorite organizing app: WorkFlowy lets you keep all your do and plan lists in one place,
in outline format! That's why it works for helping you get stuff done- because your bottomless lists
  • can be seen in their true hierarchical structure
  • collapse/expand, so that you can intimately focus on relevant sections as needed
  • WorkFlowy is searchable! You can even use hashtags:)
  • you can cross things off when completed without erasing them
But wait, of course there is more -
  • WorkFlowy can be shared, for collaboration on one document
  • You can work seamless across desktops (you get the same views and features no matter where you're working, wish all apps could say that)
  • HTML Links work inside WorkFlowy
But how does that help your quilting? Here is what I'll be using WorkFlowy for this year:
  • Thread Catalog (so I know what I have when I find a great sale;)
  • Reading List (searchable by author and publisher)
  • Blog Calendar
  • UFOs (status, needed supplies, deadlines)
  • Shopping Lists
  • Etsy Inventory
  • Ideas!
  • Things to worry about....later.
Best of all, WorkFlowy is beautifully simple. So for pictures, I'll refer you to this WorkFlowy Blog post: WorkFlowy is for Thinking, begging with Conquer the World.
I like how those they think, don't you?

Carpe Quiltum!


  1. hummmm, may have to take a look. Thanks for sharing.


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