Crazy in Velvet

Recently, when I went to Quilting Bee at the Museum.....
I've only seen a few genuine Victorian Crazy Quilts. How many have you ever seen?

painted velvet patch
The ones I've seen always include some taffeta.  This one, however, is completely in velvet.
Who do you needs be to get this many velvet scraps? Think this quilter was an 1880s dressmaker?
Or maybe she lived next door to one?

wait - maybe that stripe patch is silk?
Don't these clever leaf appliques just set your design senses all tingly?

Here are some unfinished crazy blocks from the same quilter.
Even more amazing than all this antique velvet....

my thimble looks giant compared to this tiny embroidery
is the incredible tiny stitchery here!

As you can see, these blocks are more traditional, with silk, velvet, even some lace.
Nice of her to include these election ribbons to help date and locate this quilt.

But back to the all velvet crazy quilt. Why after finishing this incredible stitchery, would she leave this quilt without binding? Seems that finishing would be easy, compared to all else she had completed.
Maybe she just ran out of time to finish.
Or do you suppose she really hated making bindings?

How about you? Are you a binding lover, or a binding hater?
Darlene at Gilbert Museum finished this, with a perfectly simple black velvet border. It's a fundraising piece for the Museum now, if you'd like to take it home.
my favorite patch
I think the original quilter would be very proud of how it all turned out, don't you?
Anyhow, I'm glad to have crossed paths with her work.
lovely old fabrics
Here's one for the road. Also unfinished by this same Crazy Quilter.


  1. OMG it looks like one my grandmother had made that was also unfinished. It was stolen from me during a move and I have been heart sick since. Yours even has the 'C' that stood for the last name of Cox. What are the chances?

  2. That is gorgeous! Do you think you will make one someday?


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