2 Quilt Drafting Apps

I know there are great softwares that help you draft quilts.
But I'm a graph paper and colored pencil kind of girl.
And I know there are MANY drawing apps, and photo editor apps, too.
But I just need some simple colored shapes for pattern illustrations.

Geometry Pad
 So I was super glad to find this geometry teacher app, Geometry Pad

You can work on a graph and create any shape just by touching points. I like this "blueprint" view:)
Then, Geometry Pad even calculates area and all other imaginable measurements of your shape.
Align shapes by use of a cute horseshoe magnet snap tool.
Click the counter [showing above: -7+] to change the number of sides on your shape!
Free, but you must buy the $6 upgrade to save/share work.
  1. After drawing is finished, change Settings to remove graphing background.
  2. Double Tap drawing to open Shape Menu,
    • for adding color/fill.
    • erase Name to remove coordinate letters.

Quilt Design
I'm also enamored of Quilt Design:
 "Lets you create paper-pieced block quilt designs!"
Super easy. Tracks layers on a square as you set one edge's alignment. Really, easier than it sounds.
Option to print in b/w PDF :) :) Only for Android Tablet?

Can't wait to play with these clever quilty apps!
But Alex is right, I should only write one pattern at a time......HA:)

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