Adventure of the Traveling Spork

Stitched a pocket so Alex can pack her fancy spork to school in her book bag.

Cute kitcheny fabric, right? With enough blue Alex will be pleased. My first adventure in oilcloth:) Of course I got this fabric from Modern June.
LUV her book,
Sewing with Oilcloth, It was everything I needed to be brave and dive into something new (albeit tiny), without wasting time on too many learning curve errors.  Thanks, Kelly!

Like this tip from the book for "ironing" oilcloth by parking it in the sun.

Actually, this picture is wrong. Not until I put fabric face down on the pavers, then it worked. Blowdryer also worked well for ironing out wrinkles in folded oilcloth.

I discovered stitching oilcloth is a lot like stitching jeans. It acts like a heavy fabric. That's why I went with top-stitching down the pocket flap instead of Velcro or whatever else. The stitching line, and the tapered ends, were the only nudges it needed to stay in place.

Also tapered the inside of pocket to make picking up spork easier. Probably could have gone lower/steeper in this cut. Hmmm....will have to ask Alex how this part works out.

I was worried that oilcloth would stick to my foot. (Yes, I know how weird that sounds! I also know that you know exactly what I mean;) Singer's 4 feed dogs did fine moving this adventure fabric, once they got started. So just like jean sewing,
  • Use a leader scrap to get things going and eliminate bobbin tangles on startup.
  • Reinforce corners with backstitching.

Any ideas what you can do with oilcloth scraps?  Sew cute! 
Do tell - hat have you tried?

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