More Trick Triangles

Inspired by Sew Excited Quilts
Headed East & West
Thanks to @SewExcitedQuilts, this is the perfect block I've been hunting for my new
To make Headed East & West with Triangles-On-A-Roll paper, you will need:
  • 9 spaces of 60 degree triangle roll paper
  • 4 color 6.5" triangles
  • 5 background 6.5" triangles
  • 4 background blocks, 6.5" square (for corners)
  • 1 color 7.25" square
  • 1 background 7.25" square
The 7.25" squares are for the center patch Quarter-Square-Triangles, and yes this will make two center patches.  Do you know a more economical method for QST that is just as fast and accurate?
After cutting the triangles in half, you will also have two half-triangle background pieces left over. Again, all in the name of speed.
Pearl says, assemble as a 9 patch.
This block trims to a giant 18.5".
Thanks for introducing me to this fun block, Jackie!
Can't wait to make some more:)

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