Quilters Gone Wild

Quilters Gone Wild
by Kitty Pearl
When stars are seven
And patches make nine
This is the time
The Wild Quilters ride.
On overcast Harleys
They fly like wild geese
 To the LQS
At the end of Main Street.
Then in a back room
Of bars on all borders
With jelly-roll cuts
They play strip poker.
By flames on their sew machines,
glue basting and faux trapunto,
In reckless embellishment
With buttons all over,
Living along
The edge of the block
A quarter-inch rule
Is the only law.
While snacking on layer cakes,
Bobbins and stash,
Cheating at scraps
The Wild Quilters laugh.
Then what do you know
As soon as they're done
They give 'em away!
Every last one!
Each masterpiece, mug-rug,
Tote and crib blanket,
The binding is set, so
"Let's make another!"
Three layers of fun
 Can't be undone.
Maybe a Wild Quilter
Has made you one?
Happy National Poetry Day,  ---Kitty Pearl

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