Vote for Cover Model

Been working on this jelly-roll tessellating saguaros for ages.
Carolee quilted it for me- Thank goodness, or I would still be working on it:)
Thanks also to everyone on Facebook who helped name our new pattern, Saguaro Sunset.

Today I finished the technical part of pattern writing. Now need to work out the graphics. Then...printing!
Help me pick a the picture for the pattern cover?
Please vote which cover model pose you like best :)


  1. I vote for A. Just something about it appeals to me. Beautiful pattern.

  2. I vote B, mostly because you can see the quilt design most easily in it--especially if it's smaller on a print pattern. Love the design!

  3. B because it shows the quilt better. The cacti are the stars of A and C.

  4. Thank you all! Exactly the help I need. Knew I could count on you :)


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