Italian Roast Soap

Alex said we should plant she could make me soap:)

More on Lavender later. I only bring it up because that's what led to our experiment with
coffee soap....which turned out awesome!

After studying several Pinterest (Alex's Board) recipes for soap, I decided on the extremely simple combination of 3oz of my fave Italian Roast, grounds included, mixed with 1/2 container goat's milk soap blocks from Michael's Crafts.
Melt the soap in the microwave and stir in the coffee, just like making fudge.

 @ddrquilter says it looks like chocolate ice cream. It does!
Which is cool, but, any idea how I can get more coffee color in my soap?

And @Scooquilt is right, it does the trick for a nice scrubby soap to exfoliate, which is exactly what I wished for:)

Thanks, Alex, for finding a new craft for us to try!


  1. It's so hard to believe that's soap, it looks like fudge from here! Maybe I'm just really hungry, LOL. Does it smell heavenly? I love the smell of coffee, but don't drink it. We're a kick-start-with-cola family :)


  2. Does it smell as good as it looks? Sounds great for morning showers!

  3. Yes- thanks for reading girls! Coffee soap smells divine in tub;)


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