Halloween in July

First - a shoutout to @SandyFowler, who always has super ideas for celebrating, but here she has achieved seriously clever status in this Christmas in July Party podcast.  Congrats Sandy! And thanks for sharing the fun :)
I so want to do this! Trouble is, here in the desert, our regular Christmas already looks like your Midwestern July Christmas. So....nevermind:P
But your post has inspired us to celebrate
Halloween in July in our RHQEtsy shop

Coupon Code:  AUNTVICKI1 -10%
that's "Aunt Vicki 1"

I love Autumn! The first craft boutiques of the season, smell of chilis roasting at the grocery store, no longer 100 degrees after dark, and the eerie quiet in the backyard as the golf course gets reseeded.
Must be the reason why we have more Autumn themed projects in our Etsy shop compared to all the other great holidays.

Quilted witch hats are fun - for d├ęcor and for costume!

Alex's blue witch hat has some satin patches and giant blue ric-rac hat band.

2 of these are quilted with glow-in-the-dark thread!! Haven't figured out how to get glow-in-the-dark pictures yet, sorry.

Alex likes this mourning wreath best.

Please checkout our shop for more fall stitchery and appliques.
Happy Holidays!

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