Here's to You, Hostess

Fall is on the doorstep!

This year I want to do something different. How about you?
Instead of diving into planning presents, parties and all the associated projects, lets take time-out to celebrate us- the hostesses who make it all happen.

Remember the first dinner party you hosted? Or the first Holiday in your home? Do you recall a favorite occasion?
Do tell!

Who is your favorite hostess? Is he/she in your family, club or neighborhood? Do you have a favorite movie scene party?
Which is the first party of your holiday season, Halloween or Thanksgiving? Will there be autumnal birthdays or anniversaries coming up for your family?

I'd like to hear your story:)
Until Thanksgiving, let's celebrate hospitality here, with posts of party management tricks and hostess treats, OK?
Then, whenever you are tasked as the giver or receiver of welcomes (and most likely you'll be both before the season is done, right?), you'll have peace of the moment, knowing that you are in The Club, and that your charming presence is the best present of the season. Sincerely,
Here's to you, Hostess!

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