Etsy Shop Homework

Turns out, one of the awesome unique things you can get in Etsy is...
Coaching for your Etsy shop!

First of all, stop by In Nonna's Kitchen on Etsy for the most interesting kitchen gifts. Seriously, there's personalized spices, teas, sauces..... But wait - there's more- Nonna is also an Etsy marketing coach!

The hardest part of working from home is that you are a one-man-band. There's no IT guy going to come when the printer jams, no secretary to take messages. Consider yourself extra lucky if you have home help like a gardener or a maid so that you get to focus your time on your business. You know what I mean.
So finding a marketing guru like Nonna, especially someone who understands Etsyland, is a very big deal to me.

Nonna really gets you thinking about your shop goals, and tailors her advice to meet your needs.
When I started in Etsy, there weren't all the fancy statistic and promotion tools that they have now. Turns out there were lots of new thing I hadn't taken time to keep up with. Nonna showed me how important these measurements really are.

Studying my shop stats for the first time, I felt like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he found his name in the phone book.
Examples? Yes, we have examples!

  • I wanted to quit FB. People don't talk there anymore, only "like," and never bother to link through. Or so I thought! Turns out my nice FB friends are my #2 traffic source.
  • Etsy has lots of tools that help promote shops, and they all work! Do spend time on profile page set-ups, others' FAVE lists, Treasuries (and I thought Treasury was just for fun;) and Teams.
  • As a librarian, I thought I was pretty good at Tags. After all, assigning search terms is what we do best;) In truth, I am pretty good at SEO. But Nonna, of In Nonna's Kitchen, showed me how Etsy has different algorithms than Google, and that not all Etsy shoppers think like librarians. I see now ways to adjust; more shotgun and less laser focus description.

Thanks, Nonna!

Personalized BBQ from In Nonna's Kitchen

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  1. It's always nice to get an outside opinion. I like the idea of shot-gun thinking vs. laser precision. We can get caught up in using the same tags over and over again that we forget to broaden our results. I'm glad Nonna was so helpful!


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