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We get to list RHQ Patterns on Amazon!

I asked Amazon to list our patterns in their regular catalog, so you could shop patterns from our aStore alongside their associated notions. You know, instead of having to shop notions here, then switch back to the Etsy shop for patterns.

There was a special application process....a few days of pins and needles....then they said yes!


Please show Amazon this was a good investment for them by making ALL your Amazon purchases through RHQaStore (link PAGES TABS above under header picture) or the Amazon Affiliate badges in sidebars.
Here is a direct link:

We have been with Etsy many years, and we will keep RHQ Etsy Shop for

Thanks for being here! Your support has inspired our progress:)


  1. Just found you on ;justusquilters; following you now

  2. Glad to meet you Barbara!
    Thanks for reading girls, and for sharing our good news:)


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