Hostess Gifts and Contest

Here is a roundup of Hostess Gifts.
Remember, this holiday season we are celebrating those who work so hard to make holidays happens, YOU - the Hostess!
Etsy Treasury:  Clever, fun gifts under $45.
      Hope you'll find some new ideas here for untraditional presents:)

RHQ Pinterest Board: DIY Hostess Gifts
and of course, what would homey themed gift giving be without...
     Mason Jar Gifts!

Coming next, we'll post a new tutorial for the most classic Hostess Gift of all time, The Wine Carry.
Our extra homey design will have special materials.....can you guess?
We will send you the "cover model" carry if you are the first to COMMENT with correct guess!

TTT Bonus: How big should your wine carry be? What's the difference between "Magnum," "Melchior," and that Riesling in a Cat? Link here for an excellent chart on wine bottle sizes.

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