October Auction Small Quilts

It was a dark and stormy night...

Really!  Didn't think I would get to attend small quilt auction at guild last night. I travel 30 miles to guild meets. Not fun with flash floods warnings all day.
But the storm cleared around sunset, and Alex helped making diner and medications for her Grandpa, and I hadn't been to a quilt show in a long time so....off I go.

And glad I did! I got to share 2 witch hats in auction, which were well received, thanks ladies:)
Here are my faves from the mini quilt show auction:

Swoon Houses! Look- the doorways are fussy cut with tiny women. Sew Clever! LUV when a classic pattern gets a unique twist. Totally worth the trip!

Halloween Cat and Moon: Just adorable applique. I never think of batik for moon and starts. Darlene's quilts always make me smile.

Applique Bouquet:  LUV a scrappy background. This one is extra clever;

"tablecloth" portion of background is quilted with crosshatches, to differentiate from rest of background. Can you see?

Witch Sue:  Most Sues are applique, but this one is very cleverly foundation pieced. Sparkly star stickers added on her hat. Cute!

Quiltigami:  Origami kimono, first I've seen in real life! This works extra nice as a single block study, don't you think?

Simple & Sweet:  I never find cute fabric like this! Extra simple runner -oval framed with bias binding before cool border fabric- showcases fun fabrics. sorry only partial pic.

....And the storm stayed away until I returned to my own neighborhood:)
It's been a busy month with emergency plumbing and car repairs. Focus between surprises has been to try and  finishing witch hats for the RHQ Etsy Shop, so I haven't stopped to put up Holiday decorations yet. Mini quilt show was just what I needed to get in the holiday spirit.

Do you have Halloween quilts to share? I'd love to see them!!!  You are welcome to post onon
 Commemorative Quilting FB Page.


  1. Beautiful little quilts. I love the applique flowers and like you, I would never have thought to do a scrappy background and cross-hatch the tablecloth until you see it done elsewhere. Such creative and talented quilters everywhere.

    Send some rain to Australia, we are looking at 6 months of a long dry hot summer and bushfire season.

  2. Lyn-hi! Glad you found some new quilt ideas here:)
    6 months dry - ouch- bushfires are scarry. Yes, definitely need to share our rain down your way.
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. I am loving the Halloween-Sunbonnet Sue, and think I may need to make me a wall hanging/door hanging. And I too admire the twist on the Swoon block, it's neat to see it in a different way. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Brandy, thats great! Ill watch for Halloween Sue:)
    I'm trying to do better with Photoshop, so really glad to hear the pics are turning out useful. Thanks for reading!


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